Whats your favorite music?

Sunday, March 13, 2011


What is it about music that drives us to love what we hear?
Me I grew up on my parents music like most kids do. Singers like Al Green,
Isaac Hayes and Ron Isley got major play in my household in the 80‘s. Sundays in particular I always remember music being played from sun up til sometime around evening mealtime and\or later .
Tracy Chapman’s fast car album
was played so much that later on in life
when away I would think back to those songs to reminsce on childhood times. Everybody has different reasons for why certain music has relevance in one’s life.
Some people like music that can make them dance, some just want something to relax to after a long day of work . Some people I know draw energy from music , like listening to a high powered track while working out takes your mind off the weights.
Me I’m a major fan of mood music ,
meaning I’m a fan of raw emotion. I really don’t care if it’s rap, r&b, rock, classic, alternative or otherwise, a great song is a great song period.
There’s songs that got me through rough times better than talking to a friend could ever do. Sometimes all I need is a good song to get focused, get sad, get angry, get happy ect. Music is a powerful thing, even the crappy stuff. The crappy stuff allows you to not take the good stuff for granted.
Due to the overabundance of albums with maybe two good songs and otherwise no substance, I don’t buy albums anymore.
Don’t get me wrong there’s always gonna be good music out there, you just have to be more diligent in finding the good stuff. Over the years I’ve been a fan of Mos Def, Pink, Stevie Wonder, Barrington Levvy, Linkn Park.
I’m a fan of Kanye West but it seems like the more fame he gets the less he focuses on the political, backpack rapper I spent 10 dollars on back when he registered late.
Gnarls Barkly (Cee-lo), he’s one of my favorite artists because I feel like I’ve been listening to him forever since Goodie Mob an he keeps it new.
Jay-Z is great because he definitely made something out of nothing, he gave the art form of Hip-Hop more to aspire for. 50 Cent, what he did in ten years is amazing , from where he took his career to what he publicly did and continues do to artists on his side or the other.
Currently I am a fan of Bruno Mars, that kid has a gift. You ever hear a song an just at least for a moment wish you could sing? So much music so little time….